How To Get Better Results From Traffic Exchange Advertising

How To Get Better Results From Traffic Exchange Advertising

You’ve probably heard or read about Traffic Exchanges and what a great advertising venue they are. They’re almost all free there are literally hundred’s of them and they’re actually very fun. Perhaps you are already using them if you’re not you really should be.

Advertising in Traffic Exchanges is not a whole lot different than other advertising methods meaning that you only have a short amount of time to grab your prospects attention. The average timer in a Traffic Exchange is 10 to 15 seconds. If you’re not familiar with how Traffic Exchanges work here is a brief explanation:

You join a Traffic Exchange for free you can upgrade at any time to a paid membership with added benefits but it is not necessary. As part of setting up your account you will add your URL webpage that you want other people to view. Once you have set everything up behind the scenes you will begin surfing that exchange. This consists of viewing other members pages for a certain amount of time; anywhere from 7 to 30 seconds. For every page that you view you’re given a certain amount of credits every Traffic Exchange is different. The amount of credits that you earn determines the amount of times your page will be shown to other members. The more you surf the more credits you will earn and the more times your page will be shown.

So how do you get more bang for your buck or in this case your precious time? As I said before the most important thing to remember in advertising is that you have a very short period of time to capture a prospects attention and with Traffic Exchanges you literally have between 7 and 30 seconds. People seem to forget this which is why I cringe every time I surf and see marketers using their company homepage or their affiliate signup page or just a cluttered looking page with too much text.

If your going to advertise on a Traffic Exchange a splash page is a must have. What is a splash page you ask? Simply put it is a non cluttered onepage attention grabber. You’re not trying to make a sale at this point you’re simply trying to grab the surfer’s attention with an great eyecatching graphic and some compelling text or question. The page should make the surfer stop and think “Hmmm that’s a good question” or “Hmmm that sounds so intriguing that I must know more”. The splash page should peak their curiosity and compel them to want more information and click your link. This is the point that they are sent to your capture page which should further peak their curiosity and collect their contact information. Then you will have the opportunity to sell to them or recruit them into your organization or whatever your ultimate goal is.

I use a rotater URL with 7 different splash pages in it. They are very effective because they have the following characteristics:

Great eyecatching graphic makes them stop and actually look

They are very simple and noncluttered very easy to read in a short time

Large compelling text again easy to read and makes them want to read more

Asks a question that peaks their curiosity again makes them stop and think about it

Repetition repetition builds credibility….more on that below
Another thing to remember is that the average person must view an advertisement at least 7 times before taking action so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Just continue to surf and test your splash pages and keep a great attitude.

I hope this information has helped you Happy Surfing.

Gmail Advertising – How To Monetize Your Gmail Account

Gmail Advertising – How To Monetize Your Gmail Account

You’ll find hundreds of advertising methods in existence, but couple of are already quite as productive or as very regarded in recent years as Gmail advertising. What can make this seemingly easy PPC type of advertising any various from AdWords or banner posting? It is all in the email.

Picture the emails you send every evening. You produce in your family, your coworkers and your physician. Individual info and inner opinions are shared often, which includes your desires, fears, and plans.

Which is the sort of information a marketer would kill for and with Gmail’s integrated advertising, it really is all proper there for anyone that will write a highly optimized ad. To aid make the most of what Gmail’s advertising tools need to present, right here are 7 particular tips:

1. Adapting Your AdWords Campaign – To begin with, you really should produce an AdWords campaign that only appears for your articles network and Gmail in distinct. So, first get rid of yourself through the Seek Network after which make exclusions which will assure you only appear for the mail client.

Go to Exclude within the Networks menu and mark every little thing off that Google has on their checklist. You may exclude video hosting pages, error pages along with other articles network alternatives that help you.

2. Assumed Stringing – Begin considering views in lieu of keywords and phrases. Search and information can enable you to out with search phrases, but for Gmail, keywords are much more or less useless. You need to imagine with regards to what men and women are “thinking” of.

Individuals won’t sort keywords into their emails, they’ll type opinions. If a person is getting dog complications, they would say one thing like “the puppy bit someone” not “how to cease puppy aggression”. In Gmail you need to believe of views and key phrases they’d use in normal language.

3. The Forms of Considered Strings – You can find many varieties of considered strings that may reflect what your target consumers could be thinking of. The first is hidden desires, or items they may not even recognise they want or are only just speaking about with good friends, not actively looking for.

Picture an individual telling a close friend they “went to determine the dog trainer”. That’s a certain action that hides their needs.


Future are pain and frustration connected opinions – such being a divorce or even the puppy biting an individual – as well as the last is widespread market vernacular or key phrases that may well relate for a niche and product or service.



Gmail Advertising – How To Monetize Your Gmail Account. Part 2

Gmail Advertising – How To Monetize Your Gmail Account. Part 2

Combatting Competition – Say an individual writes in an email “I desire I had a Coke correct now” and once they send out that email, a message pops up that says “Enjoy Pepsi!” Pepsi is acquiring in there and targeting that specific phrase, hijacking competitor fascination.

You can do the same when an individual is prepped to make a invest in of a different merchandise. This demands a terrific deal of competitor investigation to learn not just product and author names, but likely conversation context.

5. Contextualizing – Very much a lot more than any other type of advertising, you’ll need to consider with regards to context for your readers. What would they be dealing with which they would need to have your item?

For example, say you might be advertising autoresponder memberships. Would a brand new marketer necessarily be dealing with that or would they be discussing their new squeeze page and also the listing they should build? Aim for linked conversations to have into their heads.

6. Chaining Requirements – Say a person just purchased a car and has yet to perform something with it. They may have to register it, insure it and get it inspected. Contemplate the distinct points they will probably be carrying out because they progress from the car method.

You may be selling engine components, but if you can gauge curiosity in the topic based about the strain of the conversation, it is possible to insert contextual advertisements that they could see and go “oh yeah, I’ll will need that too”.

7. Who’re they Composing to – An additional very good tactic should be to use phrases that may take place naturally when someone is composing to a person similar for your merchandise. For example, if somebody is creating to some lady for the first time, they could possibly talk about receiving with each other for any date.

You can targeted individuals key phrases in relation for a dating guide. The exact same could possibly be true for holidays like mother’s day or father’s working day in case you sell gifts or flowers.

Whether or not you are just studying what your shoppers want out of one’s product or you’ve an ideal customer in mind, Gmail advertising ought to be in the top of your respective checklist of probable advertising platforms. Really targeted, personalized, and affordable – this kind of advertising is really proposed.